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15% Off Rego-Fix
ER Collet Chucks


  • Swiss Quality
    Made in Switzerland to ISO 9001/ISO 14001.
  • Marking
    Type and part number (reduces selection errors).
  • Traceability
    Lot numbers are marked on all products for traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • Original REGO-FIX
    Our extensive experience results in a well-engineered system. Original only with the REGO-FIX quality symbol guarantees the best quality.
  • TIR < 0.0001"
    Inner Diameter to Outer Diameter.
  • Taper Accuracy AT3
    Better spindle-to-holder fit and accuracy.
  • Surface Finish max. Ra 0.25
    Higher clamping force and higher transferable torque.
  • Q+ Balancing
    100% balanced with 40T and 50T holders to G 2.5 @ 22,000 rpm. 30T holders balanced to 30,000 rpm.
  • Hi-Q Balancing System
    Ready to accept Hi-Q balancing rings which will allow for the offset of the balance introduced by the cutting tool up to 80,000 rpm.
  • Hi-Q Clamping Nut included
    Guarantees highest clamping force and best balancing by design.
  • Vibration Dampening
    For best machining results.
ID Description Price
4340.11631 COLLET CHUCK V40 ER16 STUB 3IN GAGE $177.65
4340.12031 COLLET CHUCK V40 ER20 STUB 3IN GAGE $182.75
4340.13231 COLLET CHUCK V40 ER32 STUB 3IN GAGE $182.75
4350.11651 COLLET CHUCK V50 ER16 STD 4IN GAGE $221.00
4350.12051 COLLET CHUCK V50 ER20 STD 4IN GAGE $229.50
4350.13251 COLLET CHUCK V50 ER32 STD 4IN GAGE $224.40
4140.11630 COLLET CHUCK BT40 ER16 STUB 70MM GAGE $166.60
4140.12030 COLLET CHUCK BT40 ER20 STUB 70MM GAGE $175.10
4140.13230 COLLET CHUCK BT40 ER32 STUB 70MM GAGE $175.10
Promo ends 07/31/2019