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20% Off Meyer Class Z Gage Pin Sets (Plus or Minus)

The Meyer Gage Class Z gage pin meets or exceeds the requirements of Class ZZ with a closer tolerance (.0001" instead of .0002") and better roundness geometry (.00005" versus .0001"), and can replace Class ZZ in any situation or application.

Meyer Class Z Gage Pin Set Features:

  • All gages and sets are traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Boxes and gages both marked
  • Size and serial number laser etched on each piece (M-O not etched)
  • Material: 52100 Bearing Steel
  • No sharp edges
  • All members 2" long

Meyer Class Z Gage Pin Set Uses:

  • Checking locations
  • Measuring hole sizes and depth
  • GO & NO/GO gaging
  • Setting micrometers
  • Checking distances between holes

Meyer Class Z Gage Pin Set Finish:

  • Centerless lapped
  • Each gage is inspected and has a 8 microfinish or better
  • Heat treated to a hardness of 60-62 Rockwell C
  • All English gages with .0001″ limit
  • Surface finish 8 micro
Meyer Class Z Gage Pin Set
Range - Tolerance ID + Tolerance ID Price
.0110-.0600 MEY M0M MEY M0P $65.46
.0610-.2500 MEY M1M MEY M1P $147.27
.2510-.5000 MEY M2M MEY M2P $218.18
.5010-.6250 MEY M3M MEY M3P $256.37
.6260-.7500 MEY M4M MEY M4P $283.63
.7510-.8320 MEY M5M MEY M5P $481.72
.8330-.9160 MEY M6M MEY M6P $562.00
.9170-1.0000 MEY M7M MEY M7P $588.77

Promo ends 1/12/2019