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3M Scotch-Brite® SL 2" & 3"
Surface Conditioning Disc

3M SL Surface Conditioning Discs

3M 048011-33791 & 33790 Features:

  • SL Surface Conditioning Discs: Highly durable construction for a long life in many aggressive surface conditioning applications.
  • Durability: SL discs can last up to twice as long as other products in most applications.
  • Aggressive cut: High cut rate compared to other non-woven products.
  • User-friendly: Non-woven material provides consistent and uniform finish without gouging.
  • Now available in TN Quick Change: Enables optimization of product performance when used with fibre disc back-up plate.
  • Extended grade range: User has more finish options.


2" SL A-Med Disc, MMM 048011-33791 List Price: $1.40

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3" SL A-Med Disc, MMM 048011-33790 List Price: $2.70

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Promo ends 10/12/2019